Corrosion Protection of Electronic Boards By Dip Coated Ecofluor® Fluorinated Thin Films

Remarkable technological advancements have led to the ubiquity of portable devices into all areas of our life. As mobile device performance and functionality has improved, protection against harsh environments (particularly salt water immersion) has become a critical requirement for the lifetime performance of the device.

Our new Ecofluor® system provides electronic component manufacturers with a safe, easy-to-use, and economical alternative to the chemical vapor desposition (CVD) process to protect printed circuit boards (PCB) from corrosion when exposed to fresh and salt water condisitons.

Ecofluor® is a cost-effective one part fluorinated system which provides current protection to electronic devices under harsh environments for extended periods of time. Key benefits of Ecofluor® include:

Click here to download our new Ecofluor® Technical Paper to find out more about our simple economical approach to protecting electronic devices from the harsh conditions of everyday life.